Me, sailor

Eastern Sunday, 1995, a cold and windy day on the Chesapeake Bay water. I was sailing a Womanship boat with 7 women, 2 of them sailing instructors, into Annapolis Harbor. The sky was blue and clear, the air... Learn more

Kayaking into St. Michaels, MD

I believe we were all born with a unique talent. Some can cook, become chefs, and got TV shows like Hell’s Kitchen. Some can write and wrote “Harry Potter” books. Some can sing and sold millions of Beatles... Learn more

My 3 wishes

John F. Kennedy said: “When I was growing up I had three wishes. I wanted to be a Lindbergh-type hero, learn Chinese, and become a member of The Algonquin Round Table”. His 3 wishes are very close to... Learn more

Set Sail

After a major loss, how do we bounce back? How can we be the person we always wanted to be? Here is what my beloved Kripalu yoga teacher Jovinna Chan, who is the one in this beautiful picture,... Learn more