How Do I get to Bay Cottage BnB?

Bay Cottage BnB is at 24640 Yacht Club Road, St. Michaels, MD.

Are you really “WaterFront” or just “WaterViews”?

Waterfront! That means you can sail to France, China or Hawaii from Bay Cottage BnB’s dock.

Can I have a waterfront wedding at BayvCottage BnB?

Yes. We do small weddings for 2, 4, 6, or 18. Congratulations!

Do you have a pool? Is the pool heated?

Yes, we have a pool. No, not heated.

Can I talk to you first before I book?

Of course. Call 410-745-9369, or email or text 410-924-3505.

Do you allow children?

No. This is for your adults-only getaway. If you want to include your children (and grandchildren), please take the entire house as a Vacation Rental.

Do you provide breakfast?


When do you serve breakfast?

Coffee/tea is ready by 8:00. We serve breakfast at 9:00, till 11:00.

Is breakfast buffet style?

No. Please take a seat, we will serve you.

I can’t climb steps, do you have a room on the ground floor?

Yes, we have the Sea Level Room and the Boat House

I want to bring lots of friends and family to celebrate, can we come?

No. Sorry, no! A big group tends to party into the night. We need to consider other guests. If you want to bring them with you, please take the entire house as a Vacation Rental.  However, we can take a group up to 6 people. BayCottage BnB is for mature and laidback adult vacationers.

So, what’s the difference between BnB and Vacation Rental?

We have 2 permits. The BnB service provides a room for 1-2 adults. The Vacation Rental service is for you to take the entire house.

So, do you cook breakfasts for us when we book Vacation Rental?

No. The Vacation Rental services is for you to take the entire house, including the kitchen, and do your own things.

So, do you do BnB and Vacation Rental at the same time?

No. The Vacation Rental service means you take the entire house, you have the key to the house.

What’s your Food & Drink policy?

Very relaxed! If you want to bring your own food and wine, we have room in the refrigerator for you. However, there are so many great restaurants and wine bars in St. Michaels why not check them out.

Can I bring wine?

Yes, grab some wine glasses from our kitchen and sit by the water. Enjoy!

When is Check-in and Check-out?

4 pm Check-in. 11 am Check-out. If your room is available before 4 pm, we’ll let you in. (You are welcome.) If your room is not ready before 4 pm, St. Michaels is full of exciting places.

Can I check out late? I partied too hard last night.

You mean you can’t get out of bed and get moving? OK, ask us for some serious hangover food and we can move your final final final Check-out to 1 pm.

Can I smoke here?

No! No smoking of any kind. Breathe in the freshest air, be good to yourself.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes. Our Boathouse is pet-friendly. They are welcome at the Boat House but not the main house.

Can I bring my kayak?

Yes, launch it here and go everywhere. Have fun!

Can I use your kayak? Do you provide kayak?

Sorry, no. Our insurance policy does not cover kayaks.

Can I bring my bike?

Yes, we got lots of great biking trials in Easton Shore.

Can I use your bikes? Do you provide bikes?

Sorry, no. Our insurance policy does not cover bikes.

Wow, the arts here are amazing, who are the artists?

The BIG pieces are Marc Chagall, the black-and-white sailboat photography pieces are Rosenfeld, the rest are local artists.

Do you have international guests?

Yes, they come from all over the world.

How many languages do you speak?

OK, that’s tricky. Let me count – wow, collectively, 6.5. OK, international guests, yes, welcome!

How many years have you had Bay Cottage?

Since 1995. Wow, time goes by fast! (when you are having fun)