Kayaking into St. Michaels, MD

I believe we were all born with a unique talent. Some can cook, become chefs, and got TV shows like Hell’s Kitchen. Some can write and wrote “Harry Potter” books. Some can sing and sold millions of Beatles albums. Some can direct and made “Titanic” and “Avatar”. A county music star, who said he is not good at anything “but I am pretty good at drinking beer”.

So, the questions for me is “what is my unique talent” and “why I was created with this talent”?

I starting thinking hard, very hard, about my talents, but I could not come up with anything. I don’t even drink beer, so I can’t claim that. I thought maybe I should start to put the “pros” and the “cons” of me on a piece of paper. Then it occurred to me it is not good to be so critical of myself.

I was thinking so hard I got real hungry. It was a lovely day so I decided to take the kayak into town for lunch.

As soon as I pushed off our small-craft dock, a few ducks followed and swam around me and talked to me here and there. When I turned at the mouth of the River, they went on their own way. There was a lot more traffic on Miles River than my creek. It was beautiful with the white sails against the blue sky. The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s lighthouse caught the sunlight and reflected it back to me. I love the warmth of the sun.

When I tied up to the public dinghy dock, I look at my cell phone and saw I have been paddling for 15 minutes but for me it was only a second. I suddenly realized my special talent – to be in the moment.

I will start to drink beer, too.